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5 Rules To Become Entrepreneur

5 Rules To Become Entrepreneur

By Sushmita Gupta

“Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom” there is no doubt on this statement. But as everything comes at its price, Entrepreneurship also charges some price. It’s not an easy game. But keep remembering, easy things bored you shortly and the challenging game makes you fun and enthusiastic to achieve more.

Here, are the 5 basic rules to enter into this game called “Entrepreneurship”:

1. Believe yourself:

          If you believe, you can. Nothing is impossible. Fill your mind with positive thinking and positive knowledge, believe yourself that you can achieve that. And there is nothing like rocket science. You are not only the one in this world who wants to become an entrepreneur or want to leave your highest paying job or thinking to start at an early age. Many are already taken the risk and they have succeeded (but they are only in number not in percentage); in that, some are failed too many times, some had struggled like hell, some had started late, some had started without experience, some had started without schooling knowledge. But what’s the final result? They believed themselves, they had taken action, and they achieved. Then why you can’t? Stop making excuses. You can do it.

Entrepreneurship is the game of “Work is Worship” not “Luck of Worship”.

“It doesn’t matter what you had accomplished instead of what you chasing now”

2. Dream Big:

          Always dream big and dare to achieve it. Keep your dream big and visualize in your mind that you gonna achieve that dream. Whatever you want to be, dare to dream it. Think about “how you can do it” instead of “can you do it?”.

3. Set The Goal:

          As without knowing where you want to go, where will you reach? Nowhere. Before destiny will choose you, better you choose your destiny. Write down your big goals which you want to achieve in your life. Then write down sub-goals that will get you towards your big goal achievement. And then cut that sub-goals into small pizza slices that you can eat easily. Plan and take action to achieve your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals on a genuine priority basis.

4. Be Ready To Fight:

          Many goals, dreams, and plans are still waiting from last so many years to take action on it, because their architectures/ artists are still ONLY setting goals, dreaming more, planning daily but doing nothing. Take instant action on your planning. This is the game of “Work is Worship” not “Luck of Worship”. Be ready to fight with the challenges which you’ll face. Keep remembering, until you won’t face the challenges, you will never know how to handle them and you won’t become a wise person.

5. Be Persistent:

          Not only an entrepreneurship but in personal life also, you have to perform continually. This is not about one-time hard effort and lifetime rest. You need to put hard effort and work consistently. Better results come only because of continuous efforts. Even after being successful, you should have that thrust to become more successful. You need to maintain the stability of being successful. Because, it doesn’t matter what you had accomplished instead of what you chasing now. 

         Believe yourself, forget the fears, dream big, set the goal, plan the achievement road maps, take action, face the challenges, do continuous efforts, and never give up. You will be definitely successful. If you can come till here, you can go further too. You are the creative force of the universe. Nothing can stop you. Chase your destiny. Cheer up. Stay tuned dear.

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