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How Successful People Utilizing Their Time In Covid – 19 Lockdown Period

          In this time of Covid – 19, many countries are facing a lockdown. It seems like everything is stopped here in this lockdown period. But something has never been stopped for anyone and anything i.e. Time. Either you are at home or in the office or anywhere but time is just running away as per its speed. Now you have two choices, first is to let it go because you think that you can’t do anything as nothing in your hand. And the second choice is to utilize it because even everything is not in your hand but something is in your hand i.e. your choice of action or inaction.

        In this world, the most important and perishable thing is “TIME”. And successful people know it very well and they take quick actions to utilize each and every minute. Here are some way that explains how successful people utilizing their time in this lockdown period and you also can do the same.

1. Connect to yourself:

          In this busy life, we forgot to talk to ourselves, to know who we are and how much potentials and power we possess within us. The great personality such as Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, everyone has equal time of 24 hours and equal power as you have. But they realize their power and courage to claim for that power within them. Now it’s your turn, connect to yourself, do realization of your power and utilize it. Connect to mentor (virtually or physically) such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dr. Vivek Bindra, etc.

2. Read Books:

          This is the best way to utilize your time. It is said that “A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives Before He Dies. The intelligent people are those who also learn from others experiences and book gives you the same opportunity. Some books are really worth to read such as Eat That Frog, The Power of Self-confidence, Think and Grow Rich, Awaken The Giant Within. You can also read the book-summaries

3. Learn Something New:

          It is better to learn something new from your related field. But if you fill boring, learn something not related to your field but can add value to your life such as Drawing, Cooking, Communication Skills, Professional Typing, etc. so that you’ll enjoy while learning. 

4. Learn New Languages:

          It is Language which connects person to person. The people feel more comfortable and get easily connected with you when you talk to them with their local or regional language. Even for International business, an entrepreneur should learn international languages which helps to close the business deals by showing comfortable and trust.

5. Skill-Up Your Key Areas:

          In every field, there are some key areas such as – getting things done with others, become a good leader, and timely action are some key areas of management. Sometimes, people are good at all of their key areas except one. And that one unskilled key area makes them fail. In this lockdown time you have the right time to work into that. 

6. Quality Time With Family:

          The best and safest place on earth is our home for us. This is the time to spend your time with your family or beloved once. If you are not at your home, be connected with them on call or video conference. Make them feel that you are with them. Some entrepreneurs get too much involved in their business that they give very rare or no time to their family. Now you can share your feelings, your thoughts, and love with them.

          There are many more ways to utilize the time. You have to find that and take quick action on that. Because Success doesn’t know the excuses. You can fool yourself by excuses and procrastination but Success comes by only the result of the right actions. Now it is all up to you that what you want to do either grab the opportunity or let it go. All the best dear. Stay Home, Be Safe. Take Care.

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